5. Honey Stingers Gummies- Pink Lemonade 

I'm been a huge proponent of these guys for quite some time. Don't waste your time with any other flavors. They are inferior and hint at cough syrup. A great feature of these gummies besides their taste is the consistency. They are not too sticky and not too hard and they hold up well in both cold and hot temperatures. Go get some!

4. Chicken peanut noodles

This dish was concocted by our very own Nick Neiman. It features a heaping spoonful of peanut butter, angel hair pasta and 7 oz of prepackaged chicken. With the curry spices, coconut milk and red pepper flakes this could be the best dinner we get to eat. When we're feeling crazy we add a little hint of lemon powder. Trust me, it's crazy delicious.

3. Gem Cinnamon Maca Almond Butter

You want an easy-to-consume, high calorie, healthy choice that gives you energy now and later? Look no further. The most popular uses for the almond butter? On a tortilla with jam or honey or just straight down the pipe!

2. Dried Kiwi/mango

We don't get a ton of calories from these guys but they are so good at adding variety and flavor to our diet. Who knew that a dried kiwi could taste so good?! Completely addicted.

1. Fresh Trout

A couple moments on this trip have brought us to places with great fishing. For the most part Ben is a catch-and-release guy, but we have been able to cook a few fish fresh out of the stream. Wow! What flavor! We don't use more than tin foil, olive oil, lemon and salt. Incredibly moist and flavorful. Go to the closest trout infested waters, start your own fire on the bank, and experience this for yourself.

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